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I bought a set of windows for my 1982 Macgregor 25, they fit perfectly, the holes in the new windows lined up perfectly where the old window holes were at. Impressed me, I will be a returning customer and I recommend Ruddercraft windows to anyone.
Robert McGaughey
I just wanted to thank for the outstanding sales and service you have provided me. The rudder exceeded my expectations and has totally transformed the boat. It is now a pleasure to sail her.
Karl Thiele
I received the tiller for my Challenger 32 – it looks fantastic! The perfect blend of visual beauty and functional strength. The fast turn-around and friendly help via email and phone were very much appreciated. Thanks again for all your great help and top-notch work on the tiller.
Michael French
Incredibly beautiful work at a reasonable price. I recommend them to all sailors and boaters. Michael Nord

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Why Rudder Craft?

At Rudder Craft we build every sailboat rudder with the singular focus of improving your sailboat’s steering performance. In order to accomplish this our sailboat rudders incorporate a hydrofoil design, as a matter of course. Sailboats ranging from the West Wight Potter 15, all the way up to the MacGregor 36 and Catalina 42, will find a more accurate helm once a Rudder Craft hydrofoil sailboat rudder is installed.

Why Hydrofoil?

Operating on principles similar to airplane wings, the foiled sailboat rudder design generates lift as the sailboat makes way. By employing the sailboat rudder to reduce drag, and increasing the force the sailboat rudder is able to exert, any sailboat will find themselves performing better: weather helm is reduced, tacking is crisper, points of sail are easier to keep, and helm effort is greatly reduced in light and moderate air.

Why Use a Kick-up Rudder?

The foiled sailboat rudder design extends through our entire sailboat rudder catalog, and is used in our patented kick-up sailboat rudder, fixed blade, and spade sailboat rudder designs. We carefully plot the foil design for each sailboat rudder, based on the size of the rudder and the sailboat’s characteristics.

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Customer Reviews

Just wanted to say thank you for the great job you did with my new rudder assembly and mast crutch. I installed it yesterday. Everything went fine. I am so very impressed with the quality of your products. I had been told by several fellow Com-Pac owners in our online group that everything would be top notch. It is so much more than I expected. The mast crutch is going to work so much better than the one I had tried to build and will be a big help for me physically! I can’t wait for Spring so that I can get my boat out on the water and play with my new toys! Thanks so much. Tony Rodriguez

Customer Reviews

 To say Ruddercraft exceeded my expectations is an understatement! I ordered a rudder/tiller for a GulfCoast 23′. This boat is no longer in production and parts are almost impossible to find. For Richard, this was no problem. I sent detailed photos and had a conversation on the phone where he walked me through the measurements he needed. A few weeks later, I received the rudder (2 weeks before it was promised!). It took me 10 mins to assemble and 30 secs to install. It fit perfectly! Service is great, the rudder looks awesome and it’s made in the USA. It just doesn’t get any better than that. Thanks again. Scott Hassell

Customer Reviews

I just received a tiller made by Rudder Craft. I own a Corsair 27 trimaran and needed a replacement tiller. I did a short internet search and found Rudder craft. I placed the order with them and received the tiller a short time later. I loved the way it looked and felt in your hand. I can’t say enough about the glossy finish and the workmanship that went into it. On the Corsair the tiller dropped into place and works perfectly. I intend to do business again with Rudder Craft. Thomas Rheuble

Customer Reviews

Received the rudder Friday. I am astounded at the quality and precision. It is literally perfect. The pintle to gudgeon match is perfect surface to surface, top and bottom. The tiller (entire product, really) is a work of art. Moreover, it is substantial and adds a sense of safety and reliability. I will send along a couple of photos when the boat is launched again in the spring. I rarely say this about any transaction, but I will share Rudder Craft contact information with others I know that sail in this region. Thanks for your timely responses, diligence and attention to detail. Could not have been a better experience! Keith Scholes
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