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The tiller Rudder Craft manufactured for me is now in New Zealand.
Just to remind you it was a custom made tiller to the specs supplied.

The workmanship is superb and you have one very happy customer.
You made it so easy to order and your attention to detail is appreciated.
Rudder Craft are selling quality product at an affordable price. I’m glad I found you on the internet.



Thanks again for your expedient and thorough help in getting our boat back in the water for the sailing regatta this past weekend. All I can say is that I am totally 100% pleased with everything. Your assistance on the phone in making the best choice in our rudder selection. Your help in choosing the right tiller, etc. And especially making sure that the rudder would arrive on time for our sailing regatta last weekend. The rudder assembly arrived at 11:00am. Your right, it took longer to unwrap everything than actually assembling and installing the rudder. Assembly went quick and easy and only took a minute or two to attach it to the boat.
All of the testimonies that I’ve read are true. The ease of handling. The weather helm was reduced to just a slight smooth pull. I couldn’t even feel the water moving over the rudder since it is so aerodynamic. The responsiveness is excellent, so much better than the old original rudder. We had a stiff breeze of 15 knots on Saturday and the boat didn’t head up to weather as much on a puff of wind and as the boat was heeled over 40 degrees with the rail riding the water I still had plenty of control except over my wife, she was getting nervous…lol. Also, in shallow water the rudder kicked up gradually so that I could maintain control and was able to pull on the rope and bring the rudder horizontal to the top of the water, still maintain control while the outboard was lowered and we transitioned under power.
I’m thrilled, my wife is happy and I know now that I have the confidence that when I take my friends and family out we will have a rudder that we can depend on. I plan on taking over 100 people out on the boat this season and it feels good knowing that they will have an enjoyable experience sailing on the Chesapeake bay.
Attached are the pictures that I promised to send you, feel free to use them however you want.
Blessings to you and Rudder Craft as you continue to provide such a superior solution and quality product to the many of us sailing advocates across the globe.

Steve and Sherry Sersen

Thank you for giving me a brand new boat! At least that’s what it felt like when I tested the newly installed Mac 26D High Performance Unifoil kick-up Rudder. Instead of the mushy, unpredictable steering I’d been dealing with for the 10 years I’ve owned the venerable 1989 Scottish Mist, suddenly I had precise, responsive two-finger control even in gusty Columbia River sailing conditions. The rudder assembly arrived ready to install. It precisely and snugly fit the pintles and required only a few minutes with a couple of wrenches to attach the beautifully finished African mahogany and white ash tiller. Couple the rudder with the Mac 26D Fiber-glass OE Performance Dagger Board I ordered from you a few years ago and it literally feels like a new boat. Awesome product. Awesome customer service.

David McNamee, Ph.D.

Just opened the box for the F-24 MKII Laminated Mahogany and Ash Tiller that I ordered…


I didn’t order the tiller varnished, since I was going to have to poke a number of holes into the tiller before I could use it, and would have to rework it anyway.

So, given this is my first time working with varnish on a seriously nice piece of woodwork, what varnish do you recommend? I’ve read good things about the Pettit Z-Spar Flagship varnish, but am concerned that the ‘amber’ color might ruin the look of the wood you used.

Philippe Laurent

I received this tiller from my wife as a Christmas present. It is an absolutely beautiful piece of wood working. It was all I could do to bring myself to drill the mounting holes in it!

This tiller has become the centerpiece of the cockpit.

Another note. The first tiller arrived damaged in shipping. The folks at Rudder Craft immediately sent a replacement. They were VERY good people to work with. They made a loyal customer out of me with service like that. Next purchase – their high performance rudder for my Mac 26S.

I highly recommend both Rudder Craft and this tiller.

Brad Lathrop

I ordered these windows for my Mac 25 to replace the old rose colored ones, as I thought it would be a nicer, newer look for my boat. Getting the old windows free of the silicone was the hardest part, the rest went easily. I have to say that these windows exceeded my expectations. I was expecting that I would receive a tinted piece of plexi that was cut to fit the Mac. What I received was a perfectly formed replacement (upgrade) that was finely crafted, protected, and individually labeled so that you know exactly which window it replaces. I had gotten used to not being able to see well out of the windows… but looking through the new ones is crystal clear like a brand new boat. Very happy with the purchase, and it did make the boat look much better. Thanks to the crew at Ruddercraft for making a fine product for us older Mac owners.

Robert Gavagan

Tiller arrived today – it is a piece of art! What a deal. Perfect transaction, honest and fast , “five stars”. Thank you for the attention to details. Best greeting to the whole crew of the Rudder Craft Inc. – thank you guys.

satisfied customer

Kaz Bascik

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