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Rudder Craft has enjoyed many long and prosperous relationships with various vendors, boatyards, chandleries, and boat builders.  If you're an industry professional interested in special pricing, or creating a vendor relationship with Rudder Craft, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Rudder Craft's incredible range of sailboat steering products will be an asset to any boat builder or marina. Whether you represent a boat yard with a desire to carry our highly crafted tillers, so your sailors can replace their worn or broken tillers with a cockpit centerpiece. Or you're a boat builder looking to increase performance for your boat line by offering our spade, fixed, or patented kick-up rudders. We would love to hear from industry professionals wanting to expand their offered products and high-performance options.

Rudder Craft has templates and design documents for over six hundred boat models, and each rudder is designed with a true NACA foil which increases steering performance to responsiveness most sailors don't know are possible. If you're looking to improve the overall performance offered by your line of boats, mounting a Rudder Craft rudder is the easiest solution.

Each of our products can be manufactured out of a range of materials from HDPE, fiberglass composite, and even carbon fiber. With thousands of rudders produced, all we need is your design specification and material requirements to begin building for your fleet or store.

All of this, the immediate performance upgrade and peerless construction quality, comes with the best warranty in the industry.

Rudder Craft products are built to last.

Regardless of what your sailboat steering need is; Rudder Craft will supply a solution.

Contact us to begin the discussion.

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